Peugeot iOn Tire Pressure

Peugeot iOn Tire pressure
Peugeot iOn Reifendruck
Peugeot iOn Pression des pneus
Peugeot iOn Presion de llantas
Peugeot iOn Pressao de pneus

Car tire pressure should be checked regularly, ideally check your wheel pressure monthly. Check your tire pressure two hours after parking the vehicle.
Be sure you regularly check the condition of the valves to ensure a perfect seal, and will provide longer life.
If you want to have your 4 wheels checked, do not forget to check the pressure of your extra tire.
In winter, when the temperature is very cold, it is sometimes advisable to raise the inflation pressure.

Peugeot iOn Tire Pressure

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There are a few solutions to check or inflate your tires: go to a professional equipped to use the inflation equipment provided by some gas stations/washhouses, or equip yourself with an inflation gun compressor.
The majority of faulty tires are the result of inadequate tire pressure control. For each model, car makers prescribe a certain pressure to ensure improved grip and optimum protection.

Peugeot iOn Where can I find pressure information?

The recommended pressure varies for each car model. It is often indicated in the vehicle’s owner’s manual, on the edge of the door, or on the fuel tank door. It is presented in the form of two numbers, in units of bar, often around 2. The first number corresponds to the pressure of the front tires, the second to the pressure of the rear tires.
Depending on the car load, the tire pressure can vary. Thus, the recommended pressure for a loaded vehicle should be added to 0.2 bar.

Summer – winter tire pressure

When checking tire pressure, keep in mind that outside temperatures have an effect on the tire’s inside pressure.
The addition of 0.2 bar to winter tyres is also advised.
It is important that the tire pressure of your car is checked regularly. Uninflated tires can influence your safety in the car by losing grip or reducing braking efficiency.
Furthermore, it has been shown that an under-inflated tire decreases its life expectancy by 20% for every 0.5 bar below the recommended inflation pressure. Under-inflated tires also appear to increase fuel consumption.
Finally, the under-inflated tyre is subjected to excessive stress and can burst while traveling at high speeds.

Peugeot iOn
145 65 R15 72T VA
Rear Min.2.5
Rear Max.2.5
Front Min.
Front Max.
Peugeot iOn
175 55 R15 77T HA
Rear Min.
Rear Max.
Front Min.2.5
Front Max.2.5

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