Aston Martin DB 9 Tire Pressure

Aston Martin DB 9 Tire pressure
Aston Martin DB 9 Reifendruck
Aston Martin DB 9 Pression des pneus
Aston Martin DB 9 Presion de llantas
Aston Martin DB 9 Pressao de pneus

Car tire pressure should be checked regularly, ideally check your car tire pressure on a monthly basis. Always check your wheel pressure two hours after parking the automobile.
Be sure you regularly check the health of the valves to ensure a perfect seal, and will provide longer life.
If you want to have your 4 wheels checked, do not forget to check the pressure of your extra tire.
In winter, when the temperature is cold, it is sometimes advisable to increase the inflation pressure.

Aston Martin DB 9 Tire Pressure

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If you want to inspect or inflate your tyres, you have three options: go to a certified specialist, use the inflation devices supplied by certain gas stations and car washes, or buy a compressor and inflation gun.
The majority of faulty tires are the result of inadequate tire pressure control. To ensure improved grip and protection, car makers prescribe a specific pressure for each model.

When to check the pressure

Tire pressure should be monitored frequently and at strategic times.
Before a long trip, for example, the control is essential to limit the risks of puncture and wear
Every two weeks, check the pressure for everyday use. Finally, with less frequent use, we suggest testing the pressure once a month, remembering to check the tire when it is cold.

Summer tire pressure – winter tire pressure

In testing the tire pressure, seasons should also be taken into consideration, since external temperatures impact the tire’s inner pressure.
As a result, adding 0.2 bar to winter tires is advised.
It is essential to check the vehicle’s tyre pressure on a regular basis. Under-inflated tires will affect your safety in the car by reducing grip and making braking less efficient.
Moreover, for every 0.5 bar below the recommended inflation pressure, an under-inflated tire’s life span is reduced by 20%. With underinflated tyres, even the consumption of fuel is increasing.
Finally, the under-inflated tire undergoes too much stress and may burst at high speeds.

Aston Martin DB 9
6.0 V12
245 35 ZR20 VA XL
Rear Min.
Rear Max.
Front Min.2.5
Front Max.2.5
Aston Martin DB 9
6.0 V12
295 30 ZR20 HA
Rear Min.2.6
Rear Max.2.6
Front Min.
Front Max.

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