Audi RS 6 Tire Pressure

Audi RS 6 Tire pressure
Audi RS 6 Reifendruck
Audi RS 6 Pression des pneus
Audi RS 6 Presion de llantas
Audi RS 6 Pressao de pneus

Tire pressure should be checked regularly, ideally check your car tire pressure monthly. Always check your tire pressure two hours after parking the automobile.
Remember to regularly check the condition of the valves to ensure a perfect seal, and can provide longer life.
If you want to have your 4 wheels checked, don’t forget to check the pressure of your spare tire.
In winter, when the temperature is very cold, it may also be advisable to boost the inflation pressure.

Audi RS 6 Tire Pressure

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If you want to inspect or inflate your tyres, you have three options: go to a certified specialist, use the inflation devices supplied by certain gas stations and car washes, or buy a compressor and inflation gun.
The majority of faulty tires are the result of inadequate tire pressure control. To ensure improved grip and protection, car makers prescribe a specific pressure for each model.

Audi RS 6 Where will I find information on pressure?

The recommended pressure varies for each car model. It is often indicated in the vehicle’s owner’s manual, on the edge of the door, or on the fuel tank door. It is presented in the form of two numbers, in units of bar, often around 2. The first number corresponds to the pressure of the front tires, the second to the pressure of the rear tires.
Depending on the car load, the tire pressure can vary. Thus, the recommended pressure for a loaded vehicle should be added to 0.2 bar.

Audi RS 6 What is the best way to calculate pressure?

Bear in mind that you always calculate tire pressure when it’s cold, as the pressure increases while driving.
Always apply the same pressure to both front tires, as well as to both rear tires. Only a front-rear distinction can be made.
Remember to carefully shut the valve covers, as they shield the valve from soil and dust, reducing the chance of leakage.

When to control the pressure

Tire pressure should be monitored frequently and at strategic times.
Control is necessary before a long journey, for example, to reduce the risk of decomposition and damage
Every two weeks, check the pressure for everyday use. Finally, with less frequent use, we suggest testing the pressure once a month, remembering to check the tire when it is cold.

Audi RS 6
4.2 V8 Quattro
255 35 R19 96Y XL
Rear Min.3.0
Rear Max.3.3
Front Min.3.0
Front Max.3.3
Audi RS 6
4.2 V8 Quattro
255 40 R18 99Y XL
Rear Min.2.8
Rear Max.3.2
Front Min.2.8
Front Max.3.2

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